About Us - an Alexandria Accounting Firm


Raber Accounting LLC has been providing superior accounting services in the greater Alexandria area for many years. We have assisted individuals, corporations and even municipal organizations, and have a great amount of experience in handling both small and large accounts of all kinds. From Alexandria tax preparation to Alexandria handling payroll, we have seen and done it all with a great amount of success.

At Raber Accounting LLC, our first priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We know how much of a role money and income play in your life and the lives of your Alexandria employees and loved ones. This is why we take great care to handle each and every one of our accounts with an unsurpassed attention to detail. We keep our clients informed of any event that might affect their accounts and always strive to ensure that they understand exactly what we are doing.

We do not believe in telling our Alexandria clients that they should listen to us because we know best. We always take the time to tell each and every one of our customers the options that are before them, and let them decide how they would prefer us to handle their account. In the accounting world, being able to make informed decisions is of the utmost importance.

We are accountants, yes, but we are also individuals who have to deal with what most other individuals do. We pay taxes and we plan for the future. We understand all there is to understand about being a citizen, and we strive to help individuals who do not know much about accounting make the best of their money according to their unique needs, situation and budget. Accounting may seem complicated, but with a little help from Raber Accounting LLC's experienced accountants, you will quickly see how even the smallest detail can make a big difference.

For all your individual and Alexandria business accounting needs, do not hesitate to contact Alexandria to set up an appointment. We will be delighted to answer any accounting question you may have or provide any accounting service you may need.

About Us

Raber Accounting LLC is an experienced professional providing clear and relevant advice in a timely and professional manner. Our approach is to deliver an integrated solution by tapping into our years of experience and expertise to represent the best interest of our clients in Alexandria, Pineville and Woodworth, LA.

Accounting Tip

A balance sheet shows you how your assets are being used. For instance, from a balance sheet you should be able to tell whether or not your inventories are too large, whether your receivables are growing, or whether your ratio of debt to equity is getting too high.